When the kidz n cats dolls first arrived on the doll scene the pouty faced girls did not appeal to me but as with everything over time I came to like them and did buy one just before they changed and up dated them. Then over time I grew to like them more and wanted to get a blue eyed blonde with the paler vinyl. I would see the earlier Helen come on her sale every now and then but she always goes for a hefty price! There is one all new and boxed on ebay but again almost three times the value of the original doll, so no joy there.

However as I said about Charlotte, I had bought a doll from er owner before, well that doll was a Mareika, whose got the pale blonde hair and the blue eyes I wanted and at nowhere near the cost of the Helen’s that appear from time to time. The seller had never removed her from her clothes, of which I have to say I do not like the style of the coat, so that will go.


you can see what I mean about the coat, it looks like it’s just been tried on with that black velvet ribbon!


I decided she’d be called Merry being as she’d been bought so close to Christmas.

She to needed a change of clothes, well at least taking out of the grey coat and hat.


So I removed them and replaced them with this jacket , hat and scarf set I had bought off ebay from the same seller as the red set on Lottie.


Again she’s kept her cropped trousers, socks and shoes.


Without the hat.


Such a sweet face.


a full length view again


I have to say that these latest three, Grace , Lottie ( Laura) and Merry ( Mareika ) and helped rekindle my affection for these dolls.

I will be looking forward to ‘playing’ with them over the coming new year.




    1. This is a separate blog that’s for my non Sasha dolls, as I have quite a few others that I like to take photo’s of and I thought this would be a good place to put their photo’s.


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