I have long been a lover of the Kathe Kruse dolls and had a small collection that I have recently added to.



This is Constantine a 52 cm boy Kathe Kruse doll, he is lovely and big and so beautifully dressed.



He has one of my favourite hair and eye combo’s of Blonde hair with the brown eyes.




Here we have Alix’s a blonde blue eyed girl from 2010, then Constantine at the back,a 70’s toddler boy at the front with his sister another seventies girl in the red skirt and top and then next to her Florian an 80’s boy.


This is a back view of Alix’s hair.



Here are my current Kathe Kruse family a little like the Von Trapps! I think I could do with a few more brunettes and a red head, plus some tall girls and small boys!

There is always something that needs adding or tweaking.






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