or I should say Silvia Natterer dolls.


These  dolls by the doll artist Silvia Natterer are just so sweet. Silvia’s designed dolls for many years but I find that for me the Minouche are my favourites.



Albie here is the longest member of my mini minouche dolls, he came naked and so had to have some clothes found to fit him. Luckily he fitted into a pair of Baby Sasha trousers and a toddler shirt by Ginny of A Passion for Sasha on Etsy. The shoes are Natterer shoes.



Here’s a close up of the handsome young Albie.


Next we have Betty , she’s one of the new minouche dolls out last year.


I did buy her and her big sister Zoe but realised it was the smaller ones that appealed, so Zoe when off to live elsewhere.



A sweet face which Silvia’s changed from the earlier Albie.



And last but not least is Carrie another Natterer from the same period as Albie with the same face sculpt. I happened across her on Ebay and decided to add her to the clan last year.




Her sweet little fringe of brunette curls frame her face.


It was not until I came to take these photo’s that I realised that I had a Brunette, a Blonde and a Red head !



To finish here is Carrie and Albie playing house in the kitchen.

I don’t think I’ll be adding to this group but then I’ve learnt to never say never !




2 thoughts on “NATTERING

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Such a cute threesome, I really like Natterer dolls and have a few in this size too…mine are White Balloon ones which I got some years ago. I have now ended up with eleven Natterers of several sizes …. ooops! Not sure how that happened 🙂


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