Deep in the woods..


a young girl comes..



Her basket full of goodies..her hood is red but covered in spots.. so riding she is not..


She climbs up high and looks about and then she gives out a shout!



“Wolfie wolfie come to me , I fancy a nice rump steak for tea! ”


She looks in vain, calling Wolfie’s name but still the woods stay quiet


She sits awhile and hopes he’ll come! she can almost smell that sizzling … yum..


But she waits in vain ! all is silent he never came, to meet his fate this day


She still keeps watch until it’s late and her tummy starts to rumble..


Drat that wolf! with his loopy grin, she was hoping to make him tumble ,into the pot , that Gran keeps hot and ready for any stumble


He would make a stew that’s more than enough for two , his pelt a warming cover


Then they’d watch a TV, her on Grandma’s knee while waiting for her mother.







7 thoughts on “DEEP IN THE WOODS

  1. Oh! I’ve just realised that this little story is a rhyming poem… AND a WordPress blog! No wonder I was having some difficulty finding my way around this part that is rather like a side branch or diversion from the main Sasha Village Blogspot!
    Particularly love the photo of Tammy standing on that rotten tree trunk surveying the environment.


    1. A poorly rhyming poem but completed quickly so I could post the photos.
      Yes this is an off shoot for all my other dolls that seem to be finding their way into the village and need a place to tell their stories.
      I love that photo too! 🙂


  2. Oh! I have just realised that this little story has been written in rhyme AND is a WordPress blog! No wonder that I was having difficulty finding my way around this branch off your main Sasha Village blogspot.


  3. Sharon in Spain x

    Brilliant storyline and poetic prose as usual Dee. I love this girls grumpy face, you really could imagine her looking for a poor wolf to eat for her supper!
    I really like her outfit too, as I said on the Zwergnase group. But the photos are just brilliant, they are not just repetitively done, they are a story and that story comes across without even the words!!!


    1. Thanks Sharon. Her grumpy face is so cute! Which does seem such an odd thing to say! lol
      Her outfit is just fantastic and perfect for her 🙂
      I’m really pleased with how the photo’s came out and how the story then flowed. xx


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