I was asked how the Sasha toddler compared with the Zwergnase Toddlers.

So here are a few photos.



For those who don’t know, the Zwergnase is on the left the Sasha on the right.Or in this case Lucas a boy toddler.



You can see the Zwergnase boy Lennert is taller and bigger than Lucas.Both were a pain to stand up for some reason! So they are leaning slightly forward for balance.!





2 thoughts on “TODDLERS

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    I like both boys and love their red hair but I do think the Zwergnase dolls are more normally proprortioned, the Toddlers have such weird short arms, don’t they? And such tiny narrow shoulders compared to the rest of them. I guess it’s all part of their charm but I find it a bit annoying sometimes.


    1. I have to agree The Zwergnase is the modern doll so is more realistic that the Sasha/ gregor toddler who is style on the baby of that range but with straightened legs, therefore making the arms out of size.


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