This is Nina my 20 inch Waldorf doll.


I love these modern day cloth dolls.This little lady as been with me for a while and today she finally got a little attention and her photo taken.



She has a new sister coming and so will not be alone. I always need a couple /family of any doll that I love, if possible.



She’s become firm friends with Brigitte my Sasha course doll, who is now wearing her new winter clothes and shoes. It’s nice for Brigitte to have a new friend since her sister left a good while back.

Nina’s sister could arrive by Christmas but probably after due to the Christmas post. I’m sure she’ll love to come back and introduce her then.





One thought on “WALDORF DOLLS

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    What a sweet little face this young lady has. I like the smile and her hair, and the modern outfit is perfect on her. I look forward to seeing her with her sister when she arrives 🙂


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