Emily is also by Heather Maciak of Canada but she is made of Vinyl and is an addition of 900 made for the UFDC National  convention in Washington in  the USA in 2016, another Vinyl girl with black hair was also made in vinyl and available in limited quantities and she’s called Annie.


Emily is around 9 inches tall compared to Jenny and Lexie’s 7 and a half inches.


Emily comes with her sweet little Peg doll, created by  Susan Scogin.


Emily comes wearing the pretty outfit you see her in, a green frilled edged dress and linen apron with hand stitched detail and long pants and sturdy cream boots.


Emily was the second of the Heather Maciak dolls I bought not expecting to find a Lexie as quickly as I did. So like the others she’s stayed safely in her travel bag awaiting some attention.


Here she is meeting Jenny and Lexie .



I see Emily as being maybe a year older than her new friends or she could be Lexie’s older sister , I’ll have to decide which way it is.


I think they will get up to lots of things together in the coming year ! and it looks like Lexie will also need a dress with an apron along with those play clothes.

It would be nice to add Annie to the group but only time and availability will tell.


2 thoughts on “AND EMILY MAKES THREE

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Very cute and a nice threesome you have there Dee. And yes she does indeed look like a slightly older sister to the other redhead.


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