Come to live in the village. I have admired these dolls for a very long time, I saw them on Dollmum’s blog and they really appealed. I do love small beautifully designed things and especially dolls.

They are made by Heather Maciak in Canada and are in limited editions. So I never thought That I would own let alone two! It was back in the summer that I went searching the internet and came across Jenny, the blonde girl.

She was on a buy it now price, I had a look at her and then went away only to dash back and make the purchase!


She is a Dressy Jenny number 59 of 75 from 2008 and came wearing the beautiful clothes you see her in.


Such a sweet little thing.

Well I was so pleased that I had found one and expected that would be it, when before she’d even arrived in the UK, a pair of Jenny and Lexie came up for sale. Because I had just bought this Jenny I could not stretch to buying both which were on sale as a pair, so had to just sit and watch them.

However much to my surprise they did not sell! They were then put on separately and Jenny was snapped up! But Lexie was still a little pricey, so I just left her in my watching, then I happened to go on the internet and found that she’d been reduced!

So I hit the button and bought Lexie! So surprised that I had managed to buy Jenny’s friend without a long wait!


My Lexie is a Pastel Lexie number 13 of 30 from 2008 and came wearing a pastel blue all in one shorts style set with the blue shoes shown above. At present she is wearing a dress meant for a Hitty doll , so it is a little long and does not quite do up at the back But it allows her to sit with her friend in the doll cupboard until I get the time to make her a dress or some trousers.


Being a lover of red haired dolls, this little one really appeals to me.

I need to find some patterns for them, so that they can both change into play clothes and have fun!


Here are the friends together, looking so happy to finally be able to see and watch everything going on around them.


a closer view



Lexie hides behind Jenny


I can see them having a great time in the coming year getting to know the village and playing.



But for now they’ll go talk to all the other dolls in the big doll cupboard until the small dolls get a home of their own.


4 thoughts on “JENNY AND LEXIE

  1. Welcome to your Jenny and Lexie, now the fun starts. Some of the best fun is finding accessories and props which work with them so you can set up scenes or stories, but then you know that from Sasha Village. At least with these two the props are smaller and take up less space…


    1. It does! I am looking forward to seeing what fits that I already have and then looking for things that are perfect for them and taking up less space is a big plus! I just need to find where I out their friend Emily , so she can join in the fun!


  2. Sharon in Spain x

    You have them too! Well done, they are a very cute pair and I look forward to seeing their adventures in the Sasha Village!


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