Well I just had to add this Waldorf lad to my family group. I watched him for a couple of weeks then took the plunge and bought him.


Unfortunately the camera is not yet back from repair , so these photos have been taken with the ipad but late in the evening, so not as sharp and crisp as I would like. I will take more once the camera returns and his sisters can join him.



I decided to call him Leo as I already had a doll with his name ( Lucas) and I think Leo suits him better.



I love his hair and sweet face.

I’ll post again soon but wanted to share him with you all now .



2 thoughts on “A WALDORF LAD

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    What a cute little fellow he is! I like his outfit and his hair. I look forward to seeing him with his sister when you get your camera back….I suspect you can hardly wait for that too!


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