The table is set, who will come to tea?


Well It’s Evelyn My 20 inch Schoenhut girl.


and  she’s joined by Ivy, my 18 inch Schoenhut girl.


I notice Evelyn is the first to take over the tea pot ! I think these dolls are the prefect size for this tea set, which is what I thought when I first saw it.


Ivy who is a very busy midwife, not even had time to change !


I think we’ll leave Evelyn and Ivy to have their tea as I am sure Ivy will probably have to dash off at some stage to deliver a baby !

I hope you enjoyed these photos. I am still using my ipad but am about to get my new camera, so will take some more soon.




4 thoughts on “TEA FOR TWO ..TAKE THREE…

    1. It’s a great size for them isn’t it! Since they were last to ‘arrive’ they get to stay awhile and will soon enjoy a much fuller table over the weekend 🙂 which I’ll share on Sunday 🙂

      Thanks the room set is used for all the dolls 🙂


  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Yes, you’ve definitely nailed it with these two, they look perfect with the tea set. I suspect that it will play a big part in their lives….young ladies taking afternoon tea, perfect!


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