So who is up next to try out the new doll tea set?



It’s my Kids n Cats doll Grace.


and she is joined by Harry , a small bear of the Inca’s whose lived with me for about fifteen years.


I think that the tea set looks the right size for the kidz n cats dolls which are 18 inches with bendable arms and legs.


Harry who was found wandering the halls of Alexandra Palace one bright November day where I was attending a doll and Teddy bear show. We got along so well he decided to come along home with me.


Looks like Grace as finished her tea, so time to see whose coming to tea next?



3 thoughts on “TEA FOR TWO.. TAKE TWO…

  1. Well it works perfectly for Grace (and Harry) too! You have no worries about the size of the set. That is one perfect prop set to have.

    If it wasn’t so late at night, I would go and make myself a cup of tea now as the photos have made me want a cup of tea now!


  2. Sharon in Spain x

    This is a very versatile tea set and seems to be working with everyone you’ve shown it with 🙂 A great prop to have Dee.
    PS that is one cute little bear too!


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