Today I finally got to play with my new dolls tea set. When I saw it I thought it would be prefect for my larger dolls, then worried that it would be too big but was delighted when it arrived to find it was just a beautiful set and small enough to go well with the larger dolls here in the village.


The table is set with a pretty cloth and the tea set ready to see which of the dolls in the village suit this size tea set.



A closer view of the tea set.



First to come for tea are Elfine and Faith These are my 18 inch Kaye Wiggs dolls, I think the set suits them well.



I just love this photo of Elfine sitting holding her cup.


Faith looks a little worried ! Is it because she’s sitting down with an Elf princess?



Thankfully Elfine is on her best behaviour and talks nicely with ?

Who was up next to have tea?


NB I cannot for the life of me remember my brunette girls name, so have called her faith until I find out!


4 thoughts on “TEA FOR TWO ?

  1. I never knew that Faith had a name……I only ever knew her by the sculpt name. Faith is a pretty name for her.
    But back to the tea set……I think it works perfectly for the KW girls too, as that photo of Elfine holding the cup clearly shows.
    I love how *real* that looks.

    I have forgotten who made this tea set, please could you remind me.


    1. I could not remember if I’d given her a name, so Faith was the first name that came into my head, so that’s now her name 🙂
      I was really pleased when I put them with the set and it looked so right.

      It’s by Chelson China, there is a small set on ebay at the moment but only one cup and saucer with the tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl but with a jug and bowl and a vase


  2. Sharon in Spain x

    The girls look beautiful in this setting, it suits them perfectly. The size is great and works well with them, plus being jointed isn’t it lovely how neatly they can sit on those lovely chairs.
    Faith is a sweet name, and suits her perfectly!


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