Well I had to give in and get another doll cupboard or cabinet as too many dolls had nowhere to live and keep the dust off them.

So I found this gem on Ikea’s website and it’s now filled with dome of my dolls.


a view with the doors closed.



and with them open.


The middle shelf I am keeping for room settings and Ivy and Evelyn , my two largest Schoenhut dolls are taking tea and having a gossip there at present.


On the shelf above them are my cloth dolls.



and above them at the top, my Wichtel’s and my Blythe dolls


Below the middle shelf are my Bramber bears and their friends.


013 and at the very bottom, two of my Kidz n cats dolls sitting on a wooden sofa chair and the other side is most of my smaller Schoenhut dolls, with two little Kathe Kruse dolls in front.

So do all my dolls now have a covered , protected , dust free home…… no but nearly! 🙂



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