Big or small the dolls in the village love to read.



Constance gets book to read as Elfine does not read aloud, being an Elf Princess, she expects others to read to her!



Unfortunately if she’s waiting for Constance to read aloud to her she’ll be out of luck! For as soon as Constance saw the picture of the night sky with the moon , she came over all sleepy and now just wants to rest.



She can barely hold her book up, she’s so tired!



Elfine waits to see if Constance will start reading aloud but all she can hear is a lot of yawning and sleepy sighing!


Well if that Constance is going to start snoring , she’s off to read elsewhere ! and with a twitch of her nose, she’s gone!

and all that’s left is a pile of books and a sweet snoring drifting across the room……



2 thoughts on “BIG AND SMALL

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Hahaha that little Constance is a sleepy little creature isn’t she! She doesn’t need much to send her off into the Land of Nod!
    But it is good that she is reading, she struggled with that here, she always found words too long for her, by the time she got to the end of one long word, so she was sleepy! 😉


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