I fell in love with the fabric and style of the dress you are about to see , as soon as I saw it. It was made for the Sasha dolls by Petrana but I purchased it for another of my dolls who as been wearing the same outfit since last May!

I have plans to make her a dress or two but like most of my plans life gets in the way and it goes onto the back burner!

So while she waits Faith will wear this beautiful dress and maybe after that the Sasha’s can have a turn!.



Faith is holding onto her hair because there is a little breeze and I have yet to get her one of those caps that help her wig stay in place !


Poor Faith has been very neglected since she arrived and she’s one of my favourite dolls!


Faith is sitting on the dolls Picnic bench which is on the seat of the covered bench at present.


a little sun shines on her face.



Unfortunately Faith does not have many pairs of shoes and these were the best fit from amongst her Sasha sisters many pairs but she did find this pink Radley handbag which matched the pink in her dress.


a closer view


we crossed to the other bench but it was still sunny



Then we tried the picnic bench on the grass but the wind was blowing Faiths hair in her eyes!


So she turned her face to the breeze.


she also tried sitting on the chimney pot for a couple of photos!


The breeze was picking up again, so Faith decided it was time to go back in!

But she very kindly changed and let Martha try on her new dress.


Martha was able to wear the perfect pink shoes to compliment the dress.


On the shady bench you can see the dresses true colours.


a close view of the colour and pattern


It’s lovely when a dress can fit to very different dolls and look perfect on both.




2 thoughts on “ONE DRESS TWO DOLLS !

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Such a pretty dress but I thought it was meant for Faith and Martha was just trying it on first!! Oh dear, I hope they’ll not fight over it, but then it is so nice that it would be easy to see why they would both want to wear it!
    It’s nice to see Faith again and any time she wants to come back for a visit, she will always be welcome!!


    1. It is meant for Faith but she kindly let Martha try it on. Faith is now wearing it and says she’s not changing again until another new dress arrives!
      She loved her time in Spain and I’m sure she’ll want to visit again in the future, maybe even bring her body with her!!! lol xxx


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