A friend is running a group on flickr with the theme of producing a photo each week with dolls, working our way through the alphabet.

These are some of the photos I took in order to submit one to the group.


Knowing I had these small wooden Apples, the letter A plus the large wooden Apple meant this was what immediately came to mind when I knew I was going to take part.

I decided that Constance O , my Jerry Berry girl would be perfect for this task.


So even thought it was trying to rain! I took everything out to the flower garden and set the scene.

Constance decide to sit on the table! and hold one of the red apples.


It was not long before she said that the apple was getting heavy and wearing her out!


Within minutes she was sliding down and resting against the big apple and sighing!



“Was that a snore? ” I ask in disbelief !


“Pardon? Do I have a blanket as it’s getting chilly? ” Realising that she’d be fast asleep within a minute, I decided to gather everything up and retire back inside, visions of her sitting with the apple on her head and walking about scattering from my mind!

Well at least she stayed awake long enough for the first couple !




2 thoughts on “A IS FOR

  1. Sharon in Spain

    Trust this little one to start falling asleep on the job!
    Great photos Dee, funnily enough I still have some photos of her almost falling asleep whilst helping me with some oranges!!!


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