Is that a word? well it is now!

Today I decided it was time for a photo shoot of my Zwergnase family.

So out into the garden we went.


Like little jewels of colour they stood about the rockery.


The rockery is a great place to take photos of the dolls even though the rocks are not level after a short fight I managed to get them all standing!


For the life of me I cannot remember the blondes name , so will call her Freya, well Freya’s looking a little wild haired in these photo’s ! in front on the left is Lenka and on the right is Katja and behind her is Azelea.


On the far left is Violet twin to Azelea.


Agnes is too far over on the right in these photos.


So she is encouraged to move to the front.


All but Violet are in their original outfits,so I must find or make them some new clothes.


We all move down into the formal garden onto the iron bench which we forgot to cover for the winter so is in need of some TLC.


Freya! What are you doing hiding behind that plant!


That’s better now we can see everyone. Lennert and Tammy have joined in.


a closer view.


Tammy in the front is the nemesis of all wolves in the surrounding area !


So that’s the Zwergnase family at present! will any more be arriving… we’ll just have to wait and see!


Freya,  Azelea,  Lennert, Katja, Lenka, Tammy,  Violet and Agnes.





6 thoughts on “ZWERGNASING!

  1. I do love their expressions…I wouldn’t collect them because I don’t want to go down that route as I would never have any money, but I do enjoy seeing them en masse…so many thanks Dee for posting them on here


    1. They do have great expressions. I tend to avoid the really angry / moany looking ones 🙂
      The juniors are much cheaper than a Sasha but bigger, so need a little more space!
      Glad you enjoyed seeing them 🙂


  2. Stella Taylor

    Definitely “Zwergnasing”. According to my dictionary it means a group of Zwergnase dolls that bring a smile to people’s faces! I love your photos and their captions, they are really Zwergnasing!


  3. Sharon in Spain

    A great group Dee, your Zwergy family really has grown recently! But I can relate to that because I now have five and only intended having just the one! I must take some group shots too. My two newest girls are also still in their default outfits, I guess I should remedy that too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this lovely group x


    1. Yes a few arrived last year as the new faces were too hard to resist ! Yes I remember you selling your only one and now five have arrived.. I think because there are a good few faces to chose from, one will never be enough!
      Will look forward to seeing your new outfits, they’ll probably appear long before mine!! :))


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