Today I decided to take some photos of the different boy dolls I own. I started with my Kathe Kruse dolls.


First up was Constantin.


He is the biggest of my boy dolls and I think he is from the mid 90’s.


I love his total look.


Next in size is this lad.


I call him Rupert and I love his red cord knickerbockers and plaid shirt.


He’s got quite a solemn / worried look about him. He is the youngest of the boys, I think he’s a 2000 doll.


Here is another whose name I have forgotten.


He is an 80’/ 90’s doll and came in this outfit but also with his original outfit with is navy and white.


I love his baby curls


Last of the Kruse boys is this little chap, who is from the 60’s and I call Timmy.


He came along with his sister and although he’s been here a year I have yet to wash his clothes! So now I have seen how dirty they are , they’ll be in the wash today!


He has a sweet baby face.


Here they are standing together but Curly top keeps trying to fall over ! naughty lad!


A nice mix of ages I think , would quite like an older boy at some stage but no rush, he’s got to be the right one.

Tomorrow more of the other boy dolls will be taking part.



2 thoughts on “KRUSING WITH THE BOYS

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    These are such cute little boys and I love how their faces are obviously by the same artist but are all slightly different. I really like the photo of them all standing in line, the second from last photo, I have a photo of my dad and his three older brothers standing just like it!
    There is something very special about Kathy Kruse dolls, I just soooo wish their bodies were all hard and not cloth.
    I look forward to seeing more of your boys soon.


    1. It’s so true that although the faces are pretty much the same they don’t look it 🙂 Funny how we parents will take photos of our children lined up or in groups etc.

      I’ve always loved them since I was a child and it’s nice to now own a few , I don’t mind the soft bodies.. well except when I am trying to get them to pose! 😉 xx


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