Elephants are lovely

Elephants are true

Please don’t sit on Elephants

They don’t sit on you !

Elephants love family

Just like you and me

So please protect these Elephants

and save their Ivory!


Tutu wants to sit
Ron will be his seat
His family no longer with us
Vanished in a beat

So if you see injustice
against these gentle beasts
Please add you anger
and maybe they’ll retreat !

The poachers we must win against
and stop this evil trade
so these wonderful animals
Can amble through the glades

Let man not destroy their families
for just like you and I
There is nothing in this world so sad
as to see an Elephant cry.

These are my two photos for the Doll and Bear photo challenge for E.

I just love elephants, always have ever since I was a child. I cannot believe how evil man as become towards them, destroying them for their tusks! To put into potions used my quacks! and bought by people who should know better!

How the destruction of these wonderful, gentle family creatures can still be happening saddens me and breaks my heart.  So my photos have rhymes to them.

But Ron enjoyed playing with Tutu in the garden , so that I could take the photos for this week.

Here are the extra’s.


tutu wants a cuddle


He wants to sit On Ron’s lap and have a proper cuddle!


Luckily Tutu is just a baby!


Thank goodness he’s settled down with just his front legs on Ron, so not too heavy for the poor boy!


I think we’ll leave them their with Ron singing nursery rhymes to Tutu and Tutu’s eyes starting to flutter! I can see you lads asleep in the grass pretty soon!


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