Today I received my Zwergnase junior limited edition Roelie. She is a bigger doll in their junior range being 55cm to the usual 50cm.


The Zwergnase dolls have unique faces and Roelie’s face is a new sculpt.


I’m not one for the cross/angry faces but I don’t mind the ones that look curious or questioning.


So I am pleased that when she arrived I liked her! lol I was worried she might look too cross but I think she does have a questioning face.


I took her out into the garden for a quick photo shoot made even quicker by the fact my camera battery needed recharging !


I took Violet out to meet her , Violet is the standard sized Zwergnase at 50cm


I decided to call the new girl Rowan and she’ll be a big sister to the others.



The late afternoon/early evening sun bathed the girls.


I will take some photos of Rowan and some of the others at the weekend, when I have more time and a recharged battery!.



6 thoughts on “ROWAN

  1. Stella Taylor

    She is stunning! Another beautiful doll that looks so much better in “real life”. It’s so nice to see a doll with short hair, not every girl has long flowing locks!


    1. Thank you, She does look better in a more natural setting and I agree about the shorter hair, they always seem to make dolls with lots of long hair and it’s nice to have short hair for a change šŸ™‚


  2. Sharon in Spain x

    She looks lovely Dee and I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with her. I think it’s nice that she’s just that little bit bigger than the other girls. And she looks great with her sister….but isn’t that Azalea rather than Violet?


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