Early this year I was waiting on a doll and after a month or more of waiting I decided after studying the doll website to cancel the doll I was waiting for and buy a Heidi Plusczok doll.

I selected this girl who is called Corla.


She’s been waiting for some attention ever since she came home , was looked over and then placed in with the smaller dolls.


She is 10 inches in height.


I happened to be back on the doll website at the weekend and saw some new dresses just in, that said they would fit the 10 inch dolls , Heidi Plusczok dolls included.

There were a few to chose from and after a while I picked out three, one was a gorgeous linen and felt dress with a hat.

They arrived today and I was so pleased with them until it came time to try them on, which I am so glad I did straight away instead of my usual, leave them in a box for three months and then use them.


This was the only dress I managed to get on her and that was with a fight! The dresses only open part way down the back which means you struggle to get their arms in and the dress over their head!


Corla’s hair is plaited to the side and I don’t want it coming adrift with having to pull the dress over it.

I decided after struggling with the second dress, to try it on one of my Heather Miacak dolls. She is only 7 inches.


It’s actually not to bad on her and since this girl ,Lexie, has been wearing a dress that does not quite do up, I’ve decided to keep this dress for her, it gives her a little growing room!

Plus it’s just such a lovely dress and this one I could not even get anywhere near the Corla’s shoulders.


Here are the girls together so you can see the difference.


But this one I am really sad about because I just love the design and craftsmanship but it won’t go anywhere near Corla and is way too big for Lexie! The hat is meant to be over sized on the doll but there’s over sized and swamped! or in Corla’s case just too small in the crown to fit!

So alas the pink satin and this linen and felt dress will be returned and poor Corla will have to stay in her outfit she came in and hope that she gets a change of clothes by the winter or at the very least a cardie!


Emily at 8 1/2 inches in the last outfit.




4 thoughts on “HEIDI PLUSCZOK DOLL

  1. These dresses look like Boneka – usually their sizing is spot on. Have you tried the final dress on Emily (Maciak)? as she is fractionally taller (8.5 inches) than Lexie (8 inches).


    1. I have and have added the photo, it still looks very big ! I am tempted to keep t in case I acquire a doll it may fit but who knows how long that will be. They are Boneka dresses.


  2. Sharon in Spain x

    I recognised these as Boneka dresses straight away, they’re really pretty but such a shame that you’re going to have to send two back. All I can suggest is that you buy a doll to fit them!!! Who are they actually meant for, do you know? xx


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