Ulli My only boy Wichtel doll received a new pair of Lederhosen which I found on sale , he was so happy to finally be able to get out of his winter clothes ! He found a Passion for Sasha t shirt made just for Wichtel’s like him and quickly changed and headed outside.


He was off to climb mountains he called as he left! Some chance thought I , in rural Hertfordshire! Mountains!


But look ! Here he is on top of a mountain!!


He walked among the alpines and along the trail.


The trail was long and very rocky, with ups and downs and dips everywhere.


at times he felt as if he was not alone!


He’d look about and call.. Hello? but no one answered, so he wandered on..


Soon it was time to turn for home, he’d had a lovely time climbing in the Hertfordshire mountains, maybe he’d bring his sisters !



2 thoughts on “ULLI GOES CLIMBING

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Awww so cute, and I love the Lederhosen, absolutely perfect on him. And what a great thing, to actually find those Hertfordshire mountains! I hope he does manage to come back again with his sisters before they disappear into the mist 😉


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