The Jew in the Frown !

What to wear if your a bear

of family, style and class

It just won’t do for you

to be seen in shiny glass !



When one is class

one must ask

which necklace should one wear!

It’s not enough JUST to puff

I’m only a stuffed bear!

but JUST tween us

I have to fuss cos

I love a bit of glitter

and must be seen not to

preen and make all others bitter!

And so I frown and my JEWEL drops down

Why I try to make a guess

Which to wear as a classy bear

cos I want to look the best!


By Dee O

One thought on “J IS FOR JEWELS

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    J already! I’ve lost my way somewhat and haven’t even done ‘I’ yet, so really must pull my finger out, but what with my mum and brother being here, I just haven’t had any dolly time whatsoever except to make a pair of boots for a Paddington Bear that my mum is making.
    I love your panda though and the poem is good too. The perfect ‘J’!!


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