LITTLE girls get over whelmed
when trying to get in
It’s not a LAUGH when
the front step hits your chin!

Keys can dangle from the LOCK
they’ve no chance of obtaining
The sky can darken all it LIKES
it could even set to raining!



LOOKING up all in a huff

tempers start to rise

But that’s no good as still

the keys dangle way above her eyes!

Where is Mum? She’d better come

and open up this door!

I’m feeling tired and very wired I’ll

lay down and start to snore !

My snoring LOUD will draw a crowd

and people will stop to stare

they’ll mutter to about me and you

and say that you don’t care

So you’d best get Dad, that lovely lad

to move the LOCK right down

Then LITTLE me can gain entry

and save me from this frown!


These were my two entries for the Alphabet Doll and Bear Challenge

I also took a couple of other photos before I settled on those two.



Constance O with the little silver lock from my gate bracelet.


almost the perfect size for her.


My first photos for the challenge were at the door to the brick outhouse.


Much more rough and ready !



2 thoughts on “L IS FOR LITTLE AND LOCKS

  1. Sharon in Spain

    Awww it’s lovely to see Constance O but yes, that lock needs to be moved down so that she can get in on her own, then you and Dad can carry on enjoying whatever you’re doing without having to get up and down all the time to let her in.


    1. She’s almost as bad as the dog , forever wanting to go out and then come back in again! That door will be removed from the outhouse when It gets knocked down, so thats one less door for her to worry about! 🙂


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