I finally managed to get some clothes to fit my new Dollstown bjd doll. I ordered them a while back and they finally arrived today.


I had also managed to pickup a couple of pairs of secondhand shoes for her. So when the clothes arrived she could get dressed completely.


Seeing her wearing clothes that fit also gave me the idea for her name. Darcy.

I have a niece called Darcy who looks quite similar to this doll . Darcy turned eighteen this month!

So this fourteen year old became Darcy.


I am still getting used to handling these dolls  and found out it’s no good trapping her legs between mine while trying to put a t shirt over her head as she just folds at the knees!


Darcy kindly helped me with a few things on the dresser.


She can just reach up to the dressers second shelf.


Darcy likes to wear flat shoes as she is very conscious of her height, being quite tall and slim, she’s at that age where she is taller than most of her friends and quite a few of the boys in her class!


Although she has her moments ,where Mum is the enemy and the world is against her, she also has her moments where she’s that sweet helpful girl before she became a teen!




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