A month or so back I purchased some BJD doll heads. They had been painted not to my taste but I figured i’d have a go at repainting them.


This was one of the heads.


The second one.


The third one



And this was the forth one, it is bigger than the other three , meant for bigger doll.

So first up was cleaning off the sealer and paint from all the heads.


It was reasonably easy to do, thank goodness. Three are whats called Fresh skin and one is Oriental skin.

016 This is the Oriental skinned one. A Dollstown Seola head.


On my first attempt the lips were too pink and bright. I have really enjoyed painting them but have struggled getting the colours right!


I decided to paint them all at the same time, it was hard on some to find the correct place for the eyebrows !


you have to layer everything, when you are happy with something you seal it. so as not to remove it if the next thing you try does not work.


also when you are working you cannot see what’s happening as clearly as once you take and put on a photo on the computer!


I decided also to try making their eyebrows to suit the colour of the wig they may land up wearing. Not so sure if this was a good call!

Then just before the weekend a wig arrived and I tried it on the Seola Head and I just loved it on her. So I left the others and carried on with her head as I so wanted to see the head completed and on the body.

So I tweaked her a little more, wished I’d remembered to seal her before I continued as I lost a little of the good stuff I’d done. But decided that she’d do for a first attempted , so sealed her, put her upper eyelashes on and varnished her lips and attached her head to a body.

So here she is , her before photo….





and her after one.


I’m quite pleased with her, she needs a little more work and her eyes which are green  but are too dark, so I’ll have to get some more and change them.


I am enjoying painting these faces , the great thing is if it looks bad or you make a mistake you can wipe it all clean and start again.

Even write this blog post and looking at the photo’s as made me see that I need to clean a head or two and start afresh. But this young girl I’ll leave for a while as I just love her ‘look’ 🙂


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