RUBY RED slippers upon her feet

She’s killed the witch

No mean feat !

The house did fall upon her head

and now the witch is stone cold dead!


Dorothy and Toto too

really now need the loo!

Then find a bus to take them home

never more will they roam


For Hurricanes they won’t do

just between me and you

It’s not nice to kill a witch

even if she was a bitch !



So Stolen shoes upon her feet

taking her dog she does retreat

and wander down a yellow road

to a wizard nuts and old

You all know the tale most foul

of the witch’s death and her sister vow

but noone did arrest this chit

who stole the shoes and other

sh… bits!

and so she gets off scott free

from theft and third degree,

Murder of a wicked witch

who was left dead in a ditch!


Dee Owen


The shoes belong to my BJD dolls and were just borrowed for this post!


Maude played her part well


Even the dog behaved !



Thanks for visiting 🙂


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