T is for TEA TIME


I want coffee

You’ll have tea

That’s not fair!

It is to me

Pass two scones

One will do

No it won’t cos I want two!

Don’t be greedy

I am Not!

Yes you are you’d scoff the lot

Chocolate cake?


Chelsea bun?


Tea with you is not much fun

Eat your scone and stop that face

No I won’t… my belly aches

That’s because you did not pause

So did mummy

Before you scoffed that iced bunny

I feel sick

I’m not surprised at wolfing down you’d win the prize

Oh It hurts I don’t feel good

I’ll kiss it better then it should

Thank you Mummy I’m feeling fine

I’m very pleased

Is that scone mine?


By Dee


These were the two photos I used for my Doll and bear alphabet challenge.





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