Well I finally got round to changing four of the Wichtel girls into some new overalls I bought from A Passion for Sasha before Christmas.


So today although quite windy we went outside for a small photo shoot!



Ginny was selling them with different coloured t shirts but although lovely , they were slightly darker than I like, so I bought four in other colours trying to link them with colours in the cats.


Ginny helped find just the right yellow to match the cats in the set Jana’s wearing on the left!


I need to find the spare shoes I have to see if any would make a better match !


The girls were very brave standing on the raised shelf out in the wind!


It was quite sunny at times.


The girls are looking sweet in their new togs. So now they are off to play with their Christmas toys.




2 thoughts on “THE CATS MEOW!

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    The girls do look great in their new overalls, and so perfectly matched with the tee shirts. I really need to dress my three Wichtels in different clothes as they’ve not been changed in ages, poor kids. If I’m not careful they’ll be packing their bags and heading for the Sasha Village!!!


    1. Thanks, they really needed a change since they’d been here ages and never had one until now.
      I’m sure you girls are just waiting for you to get that sewing machine out again and then they’ll have OOAK outfits :)x


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