Orange the second colour in the rainbow challenge.



Orange a colour

we don’t really do

Not our cup of tea

between me and you!

So doing this photo

it was such a trial

until we saw tick tacks

and flowers that smile

So here we have boxes

orange in colour

and blooms oh so bright

to give to your mother

So we are just thankful

that we met the brief

finding these items

was such a relief!






2 thoughts on “RAINBOW …ORANGE

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Yes I can see this would be a challenge for you, being an ‘orange hater’ Dee, but rise to it you did and now we have another lovely photo of Bruno, his tictacs and his flowers 🙂


    1. I don’t hate orange as much as I used to , there are a few shades of it I can tolerate 🙂 But I don’t actively buy things of that colour, so it was a challenge to find things! 🙂 xx


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