Yesterday this lovely lad arrived to join my Wichtel family. His official name is Michal but he’ll be known here as Gaku.


I have wanted one with his face sculpt for a couple of years plus the warmer skin tone.

I managed to get  a girl Juno with this face sculpt but a paler skin, so was over the moon when I came across this lad.


Here his new big sister Colette greets him and tells him about all the fun times he is going to have now he’s out of his box and home.



Gaku’s never seen such a happy doll before !


And it’s nice to have a big sister and especially a happy one!


Colette is so excited that Gaku gets a little shy ! But she tells him that it’s time to meet all his new sister and especially his new brother whose been waiting for a brother for ages!





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