I’m in the process of selling a few dolls to fund a log cabin to use has my doll studio but alas that does not seem to stop me buying a doll that tugs my heart.

So I had no intention of buying any dolls at this time but this girl a limited edition Zwergnase doll came up on a buy it now.

I loved everything about this girl a first, second and third sight and I just adore her name which of course she’ll keep.

She arrived today and even though a few very very tiny snowflakes were trying to fall she agreed to go outside for a couple of photos.



It was bitterly cold today but luckily she’s got a lovely warm coat and hat.


Her name is Augustine, such a pretty name for a very pretty girl.


Her outfit is very smart.


It was too cold to take off her coat, so we’ll have to share the rest of her outfit another day.




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