” So you say we have to sit about waiting for mum to have time to play with us? ”

“That’s it in a nutshell” confirms Dorrie.


” So that’s why we’ve been sat here for ages.. waiting!”

“Yes but she does see us when she goes by and wants to play with us but she works”


” Work? ”

” Yes work, she goes out almost every morning early and doesn’t come back to much later and then she’s got things to do in the house and then she sits down.. and forgets she meant to play”

” Oh that’s sad ” says Phoebe ” maybe she could not work? ”

Dorrie smiled ” Well I said that once and she replied but Dorrie how would I be able to get you clothes and shoes and toys and also friends to come play with you!”


“But she did say one day she’ll give up this working lark and come play everyday! ”

Phoebe thinks awhile and then says ” Well that sounds promising ? ”

“it does ” Dorrie agrees ” It does ”





2 thoughts on “PHOEBE MEETS DORRIE

  1. Sharon in Spain

    Yes one day Phoebe, one day mum will give up work and will have all the time in the world to play with you…..or so she thinks. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out that way, and the days are filled with all sorts of other stuff that you actually do enjoy doing but stops you from playing LOL…..


    1. What! you mean I won’t get to play as much as I think! oh no! maybe I’d best stop putting it off!
      I’ve so many plans , so much to do… mmm maybe I won’t have as much time as i think to play dolls!…… lol xx


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