I had sold off all but one of my Zwergnase dolls and did not think I would ever travel that road again but then I saw this girl and was smitten.



I orginially purcahsed her from a shop in France , back at the beginning of April, believeing she was in stock but the confirmation said she was expected the following week. However weeks passed with no sign of her until I finally checked back with shop who said it would still be several weeks before her arrival at their shop.


So I changed my order to a different girl who was in stock and luckily the girl I’d found in UK was still available, so I snapped her up.


I was going to redress her but I just love this outfit, which was one of the things that drew me to her, so she’s happily settling in to her new home unchanged.

In fact I love her so much she may become triplets!!



4 thoughts on “ANN-MARIE

  1. Jenni L

    She really is a aweetie! Her outfit looks like a mix of Dutch and French farm child wear. I like her apron better than the original fabric ones.
    Congratulations! But where will this lead you???


  2. Sharon in Spain

    She’s really lovely Dee. I thought that I’d stick with just the two Zwergnase girls but am looking at a third at the moment, she is currently on order for a doll shop in the UK, and I’m sorely tempted. Maybe she will be my birthday present from me to me.
    I also love the outfit on your new girl, it’s perfect!


    1. I was going to stick with just the one! But now will have at least five! That’s the problem when you fall for a pretty face or two !!
      Sounds like the best kind of birthday present 🙂 xxx


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