Well that slopes getting more slippery by the minute because no sooner had Ann-Marie arrived than I asked the shop to get Ann- Elsa, who is the same face sculpt but with long brown hair and a different outfit. Fine so far, Twins I thought.

But on the site is a reference library where you can put the sculpt number in and it will show you all the dolls with that same face.

Yes you have guessed it I put in Ann- Marie’s scuplt number 26 and up popped Ann-Marie and also Ann- Elsa AND Feena ! So instead of twins I’ve gone for triplets!


This is Feena looking like I feel .. what there’s another one!!


That Gargoyles thinking ..what again!


I may try Ann-Marie’s clothes on her , which I love and if she looks good in them , I’ll make all three matching style outfits.Now anyone who knows me , will know that’s a plan that will or will not actually happen! Put it’s always good to have plans say I!


So she’s had a tour of the garden along with a visit to the Iris cage !


Later she can meet her sister and maybe swap clothes ! But for now she’s off to have her tea.




4 thoughts on “FEENA

  1. Hello pretty girl!
    Don’t worry, your new Mumma does find or make new clothes quite quickly. Well faster than I do!

    Did you know that you have several sisters, lots of Sasha friends – and others too. Then there are dozens of Zwergnase Junior cousins slowly trickling back to Wales after a couple of years hibernation in Hereford and perhaps one (ten?) more to come eventually. Oh yes, Mumma Dee is leading Mammy Jenni astray…….I hope you like crowds……

    Have fun getting to know your new home!
    Solveig xx


  2. Hello Solveig,
    So you live in Wales with the big big zwergnase family, just like the von trapps but bigger I have heard!
    I’ve been told not to hold my breathe for new clothes made by my new Mum but she keeps muttering things will all change come the autumn!
    I’m sure it will all work out fine and how lucky you are to have soooo many sisters Z and sounds like lots more heading your way !
    Your friend


  3. Sharon in Spain

    Awww she’s lovely Dee…but triplets! LOL You’re going to have your hands full.
    Holly (Wentje) and Leoni (Violet) said to send their love and tell your girls that they’re also waiting on another sister to arrive here!! Well it might take a few weeks as I don’t know if she’s left Germany yet and she is coming via the UK!!
    I love Zwergnases 🙂
    Big hugs xxx


    1. Lol I always wanted twins or triplets in real life , so now I have them in doll life 🙂

      Goodness another zwerganse travelling to Spain! I wonder what one is coming? whoever it is I’m sure she’ll be lovely 🙂 xxx


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