Well the slippery slope delivered another Zwergnase into the fold.



I am calling her Alice because to me the name suits her, her actual name from the doll company is Venera, which I will forget in a very short time.

I actually was not intending to buy Alice, I had orginially bought Ann-Marie from an internet shop thinking she’d arrive within the week only to decover she was not acutally in stock but on her way to the internet shop!

Expecting her to sent on within a week or two, I waited, so my quick doll fix in early April didn’t happen. After a month I contacted the shop, where is my Ann-Marie? Oh she’s still not here and could be a good while yet!

I was offered a refund if I didn’t want to wait. I went off and bought Ann-Marie elsewhere, where she was in stock and was tempted to get a refund but in the end I had this doll sent to me instead.


She is the same face sculpt as two others I used to own, a sculpt I love, but I did find it not quite as thrilling when she arrived as she was an unplanned doll.


So hopefully Alice will settle in and soon be part of the growing zwergnase family that’s now in residence.





4 thoughts on “ALICE

  1. Jenni L

    She is a pretty girl, as are all in this sculpt. I love her smooth hair. My Paula has the same face and the most annoying thick wavy wig.
    Alice is a much nicer name than Verena. It suits her too, she has an Alice in Wonderland look about her.


  2. Sharon in Spain

    I really like this sculpt and have Violet as you know. I think she’ll settle in nicely. Alice is a good name for her too.


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