Well that slope is still quite slippery and due to that another Zwergnase arrived today to join her new family.


She is called Sofina by the company but I prefer Catriona, I feel the red heads have a celtic feel to them and can see them out roaming the heather covered hills in the sweaters and tweed clothing at one with the elements.



I do like this sculpted and wanted to recieve her while I consider whether to order her sister Miriam, who I really like.

Miriam I loved when she first came out a few years back but it was just as I decided to downsize my zwergnase dolls. So now I’m back I’m trying to decide if she’s one I want.

It is interesting how these dolls can look different with just a wig and a different set of clothes.

slip slip slipppppp




2 thoughts on “CATRIONA

  1. Sharon in Spain

    Haha Dee, there really is no hope for your whatsoever, is there!!! I also like this sculpt and I had Miriam but sold her last year when I had to downsize my collection considerably. I’ve still been tempted to get her again and one day I might, but for now I just have the one in this size.
    I agree that redheads do indeed give off those Celtic vibes, so are you going to be the one to knit her an Aran sweater and make her a nice kilt to go with it?
    Big hugs xxx


    1. No I’m afraid it’s too late for me ! lol
      I was looking at your doll photos just the other day and realised that you’d had Miriam, she looks great in your photos, so I’m really looking forward to having her here.
      Yes I have ordered the wool, I’llhave to start on them soon or they will never get them in time.. hugs xx


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