Late yesterday evening I thought I’d gather the girls together for a group photo. Paul had watered the plants , so I used the other side of the patio table only to discover the sun was just in the wrong spot!



So it was round to the other side of the table and moving of plants and bits and bibs, I took a back photo while I worked.


Then lined up again this is what we got , this made me think of the film close encounters of the third kind! when the space ship opens it’s doors.


a bit too sunny this one, but at least poor Alice on the end is not almost lost in shadow.


So we have the 55cm girls, Catriona ( Sofina sculpt 21) and Ruth ( Wentje sculpt 27 ) looking nice in that setting sunlight.


Then we have Ann-Marie and Feena, their maker names which they are keeping, they are the same sculpt 26 and 50cm.


Then we have Alice ( Verena  sculpt 16    ) and Augustine ( Her maker name sculpt 19 ) alas poor Alice still did not get out of the shadow!

So poor Augustine who had no sooner arrived than her Zwergnase brothers and sisters vanished, is now once again part of a growing family.


4 thoughts on “WE ARE FAMILY…

  1. You have a beautiful collection of Zwergnases, such lovely girls! I only have two Juniors, a girl and a boy, and I love them. 🙂 Indeed the one photo looks like they see a space ship hahaha, but it’s a beautiful picture.


  2. Sharon in Spain

    Well you might not have planned having the sun appear where it did but it certainly makes for some interesting lighting effects. Your girls are lovely and the red hair is so vibrant in the sunshine.
    Big hugs


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