Well there I was minding my own business just looking at the different doll sites when who should appear but Miriam! Mmm I thought, do I walk on by or do I buy her while she’s available?

Because she’s a doll from 2018 she is not readily available which means she’s a special order and Zwergnase are not known for their speed in suppling the older dolls. It’s fine if you just happen to hit on one they have in the works but if not the wait can be a good while!


So I looked at the doll sales and of course bought her now, rather than have to order her and wait who knows how long!


I have to say I’m loving this girl. Her floral hat band and blouse are in  deeper colours, than her original stock photo but a beautiful fabric all the same.


So she arrived today and I am smitten.


We had a photo shoot in the cloisters and Casper came along too and was very good when I told him to sit back and stay  he did! In fact I’d stand with my feet either side of him to take this photo !


So another Zwergnase ticked off my wish list.




2 thoughts on “MIRIAM

  1. Sharon in Spain

    I really like Miriam but then you know that already. Funny how they already changed the fabric of the blouse and the hat band, I would have thought it would be a few more years yet before they ran out of the original fabric. But as you say, this is also nice fabric so that’s great too!


    1. Your Miriam was gorgeous Sharon. I agree it was quite a short time frame for them to have to change the fabric, you’d have thought they would have got in more!
      This fabric is lovely but I did like the original better xx


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