Well this time I have no excuse ! The Zwergnase company have brought out a new sized doll, 45cm. For years there were just two sizes 50 cm and 35cm.

Then a few years ago they added the larger 55cm dolls and then this year they added the 45cm. So of course I wanted to add one of these new sized girls to my new Zwergnase family but which one!

There are two sculpts to chose from sculpt 32 and sculpt 33. The first one I saw and liked was Rixte whose shares her face sculpt with Wina but I was also drawn to Griet a sculpt 32.

So finally I went with my first seen which was Rixte but that was only after trying to decide between her and Wina! Then it was the case of finding where she was alvailable.

Luckily for me I found one, so here she is.



I’m calling her Trixie, I love how they have styled her hair in these four scatty pigtails.


she’s got such a cute expression.


and I love her outfit. There is a lesson in all this , how you present a doll will sell it.


and she fits in Sasha clothing!!! Result !


The three sizes together, Ann-Marie, Trixie and Miriam.


I think they make a nice group. Well no more Zwergnase for a while..what will I do with myself… lol



8 thoughts on “TRIXIE

  1. trumblesmum

    Hi Trixie!
    I’ve settled in at Bryn Derw and hope you love living at The Sasha Village too.
    You look really happy with your new big sisters.
    Lots of love,
    Rebbie xx


  2. Sharon in Spain

    Trixie is sooooo cute, with her funny little pigtails and her ‘sucky lip’ look, she is definitely going to be on my wish list!
    I think she’d make the perfect sister for Wentje!


    1. She is Sharon, you will love her when you get her ! I resisted for a while but as soon as I found her available I just had to get her.
      She would make a great little sister for your Wentje xx


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