The British company A Girl For All Time which was formed around five or so years back.

Makes dolls based on historical times in English history. Victorian, medieval, the forties, the sixties and the elizabethan along with a range of modern girls and one boy.

It’s a small company that did a bit of group funding to get some of the dolls into production in the early days.

In the start I bought a Matilda, the Medieval girl and then a second one, I do love the Medieval period of our history. Then in time I bought Lydia the Georgian girl, another period I love and finally Clementine a forties lass. Just love those forties clothes.

Today a new preorder for the Elizabethan girl Elinor came out, so I place my order, yes that’s correct another period of English history I love.

Talking to a friend about these dolls, I was asked if I had a group photo? Well I did not! so I gathered them all up from their various places and took them outside for a quick photoshoot!


Matilda, Clemmie, Lydia and Matty. Matilda and Clemmie are in their original outfits they arrived in, Lydia is wearing one of her several outfits she owns and Matty is in a modern dress.


Another period of English history I love is Regency and I have always planned, when time allows, to dress them all in that period, just like the Bennet sisters from Pride and Prejudice.




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