Yes another one! But there is a tale to this Zwergnase lass.


Back in late April/ early May there was a preorder available on a doll I’d always so of dithered over. I dithered again for a few weeks until finally I preordered her.


She was not due until August but she was all paid for. Then I rediscovered my liking for the Zwergnase dolls, which were also being sold by the compnay I’d preordered the doll with.

So I thought about the doll on order and realised I didn’t really need her , she’d probably land up in a box waiting for Clara, my granddaughter to be old enough to play with her.

So I contacted the company and aksed if I could cancel that order and use the money to buy one of their Zwergnase dolls. Well it appears I had just made my request in time, as the other doll had arrived early and would be shipped out the following week.

Luckily they were more than happy to cancel the order and refund me, so then I bought Betje.


Her little ponytails were all over the place, so I landed up removing them while I was out taking the photos of her on a very windy day!


It was a choice between her and her same sculpted sister Tjada whose a red head but I just loved this outfit and as it turned out Tjada was unavailable at that time with that company , so I had some help with the decision.

She is a 55cm and scuplt no 31


I’ll redo her ponytails to help with keep her hair in control later but for now she’s settling in and meeting her many new sisters!!!




4 thoughts on “BETJE

  1. She is so very sweet. I LOVE this sculpt and she looks even prettier with her new hairstyle. It is always good to have a wig that can have a variety of styles to suit different situations.

    Mmmmm, does she need a look-alike cousin in Wales, do you think? Mentje seems to want a twin…..I said, but didn’t vow, that I wouldn’t….does that count???

    Will you keep her name?
    I’m getting a bit senile and, for the first time since these dolls came out, find myself having to look up the names of some of the Junior girls but like Betje and it suits her.


    1. Yes we will keep her name , we have the brain of a sieve so keeping this one may help!
      We think a lookalike cousin in Wales would be ace!
      Betje is wanting her twin Tjada to come live here too! I told her I’m thinking about it πŸ˜±πŸ˜‚ she said she’d make her bed up ready then !


  2. Oh, she’s lovely! Such a cute little girl, and I love her hair in pig tails as well as loose. The outfit is gorgeous too! I also love Reesa by the way. πŸ™‚


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