But these are from the A Girl for All Time range. I’ve collected AGFAT dolls since they first appeared a few years back. I have not bought any for quite a while but there was a new preorder out for the Elinor doll , whose is an Elizabethan girl, so I went off to order her.

Of course that led to me looking round the site and seeing who was available , since Elinor will not be arriving until November/ December time. I’ve always planned on dressing these doll, when time allows, in the regency period and have all the dress patterns ready and waiting.

The time of Sense and Sensability,( the Bennets ) , Persuasion, (the Elliots). So I needed a few sisters to make up the numbers. I have the four girls I showed on here recently but well there were five Bennet sisters a goodly number.


So it was that I decided to buy Maya, a modern girl from the AGFAT range but with the aim of turning her into a girl of thr Rehency period.

Yes that is a boy standing with her ! That is Max, another of the modern dolls but the only boy at present. I always like to get a boy if there is one available and I like the look of him.

So since Max was limited I decided I’d best get him now, having looked a him on and off for a good while and since Maya was coming well he may as well tag along.


I knew I had a couple of extra Georgian outfits, as I’d bought them when I bought Lydia my Georgian girl. So went and found one for Maya to wear until such time as I make them all matching Regency outfits. I need to find her the matching slippers as her DM’s are a tad OTT for this outfit.

There are a couple of others I will add to the group in the coming months but in the mean time I need to find Max something more period….


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