When I collected Zwergnase dolls the first time round, I had two with the same sculpt. Lenka ( who you can see in the banner for this site ) and Katja, they were my favourites, when I decided to down size and sold off all but one of my zwergnase dolls , they were the last two to leave.

So now I’m back into the zwergnase again it is still, at present, possible to buy them. But I’ve been there done that, but still love the sculpt, so when I was looking and buying the newer dolls, there was one in the scuplt of Lenka and Katja that drew my eye.

Finally I gave in and put her on a short layaway and when a couple of dolls sold I paid her adoption fee.


This is Ingi-Soley , she’s a limited edition with a real hair wig.


One of the reasons I chose her was because she is wigged and it’s real hair.


She’s meant to have the untidy fringe but I’m tempted to give it a very very slight trim..


Being limited edition means they like to charge you more on the price ! But I had to have her , out of who was available in this sculpt, since I’ll only get this one.


I may undo her hair just to see how it looks and at some stage a more summery outfit may be in order but that’s for another day.



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