When I was trying to decide which 45 cm Zwergnase doll to buy, Rixte was my first choice but I also liked Resi. However Resi was on preorder everywhere, so I decided to go with my first love Rixte , who I now call Trixie.

But the other day I was just looking around the doll sites , as you do, when I saw a Resi available to buy! I thought for a moment or two , then decided as I had the funds, having sold a doll , that I’d buy her.


She is ever so sweet and seems tiny compared to her twin Trixie ! Even though in truth they are exactly the same size and sculpt, when I removed her from her bag, she seemed so small and light!


I think she will make a good twin to Trixie and decided that she’d be called Pixie.


One of the things that drew me to her was her dark brown almost black curly hair. My mothers hair was this colour but not quite so curly more of a natural wave to it.


She was also one of non idential twins, her sister having straight red hair. My mother was also a very shy person and the way these scuplts seem to also be shy made me think , yes she must come home!.


So Pixie joins her twin Trixie in the village.




2 thoughts on “PIXIE

  1. Sharon in Spain

    What a little cutie Dee! I do like this face sculpt although don’t have any in this size.
    Have we seen her twin as I cannot remember?
    Hugs Sharon xx


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