Today I received another A Girl For All Time Max, the only boy they have at present. But I already have Max , this one  i had bought to change into a girl.

I don’t ususally change boys to girls but I loved the sculpt of Max and His lovely bright green eyes.


I was planning on having the new girl I’m calling Madeleine as a forties girl to keep Clementine company. But wanting to see what she’d look like in another period’s outfit, I put Sam’s old wig on her and a Georgian outfit belonging to Lydia.

I think it suits her well and with that wig she’d make a good forties lass.

However I had received yesterday a wig I’d bought for a Regency lass and thought I would try it on the new girl.


Well now I’m thinking that Madeleine would make a great addition to my Regency girls!

Both wigs look good but I’m loving this one on her especially! So only time will tell which period Madeleine will reside in most of the time!

Best laid plans….



8 thoughts on “MADELEINE

  1. Jenni L

    I love her, especially in the Tenancy wig. She actually looks more feminine than some of the dolls sculpted to be girls. Congratulations on getting a new member of the AGFAT family!


  2. Sharon in Spain

    I really like this face and the skin colour is lovely too. Before I saw the second wig I thought she looked really nice in the sort of longer bobbed style but then I saw the wig with it’s wispy curls around her face and thought how perfect she looked with that hair style. She looks so pretty. Well done Dee, I think it was a great idea to change him to a her!


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