Well I know I said no more Zwergnase dolls due to the very poor quality control and their attitude to any complaints about their dolls. But there was one that I really wanted and had ordered. So I set the money aside and decided I’d wait until she was finally about to arrive to make the decision as to whether to take the risk and buy her.

Finally the message came to say she was in, I thought about it overnight, looked again at her profile and said yes I’d have her.

And here she is Kirsten. She’s always looked to me to have a bit of an attitude, which I think is why I wanted her. She is the same face sculpt I have on a couple of other dolls, but straight red hair and a bunch of freckles can make a big difference in look.

She arrived today and is fine, she can stand well and her legs are both the same size, I’m pleased to say.

I love the colours of her outfit, pink and green and think it looks well on her.

She is one of the taller girls at 55cm.

and already I think she’ll be a favourite, so I am glad I took the chance and bought her.

I’d like to say she’ll be my last Zwergnase but I have learnt to never say never where dolls etc are concerned as I can be drawn to a pretty face , totally forgetting why I wasn’t buying a certain style of doll until it’s too late!.

Well I have to say I’m already falling for her charms and will keep her with me for a while , even with all the decorating that’s going on and not introduce her to her zwergy clan until later.

She’ll even keep her name , Kirsten as it’s one of the names I concidered when I was having my girls, as I like it so much.


6 thoughts on “KIRSTEN

  1. Kirsten is a lovely girl, to me she looks like a confident young lady that knows what she wants. 🙂 I had no idea that there are quality control issues with the Zwergnases, good to know!


  2. Dorothy in PA

    I am happy that Kirsten found her way into your home and into your heart.

    I think that dolls sometimes cast spells on us (laugh). They always know with whom they should be, even if we don’t.

    I love her outfit. I look forward to reading about her adventures.


      1. Dorothy in PA

        Thank you for posting whenever you do. Being able to escape into the world of dolls is helping to keep me sane right now (laugh).


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