Well I’m supposed to be making space by selling dolls however sometimes you can be offered a deal that changes that.

I agreed to a part exchange on a couple of Schoenhuts I was selling and received three Kathe Kruse dolls. My main interest in the p/t was the middle girl who is from 1941. Although she’s had a well loved life over the last 79 years, she is still a gem.

She came along with two younger dolls from the 80’s. A large brunette and a small blonde. Her name is Gundrun, named after her previous owners mother. I think it suits her, so Gudrun she will stay.

Gudrun is a little care worn but I’m sure with a pair of tights to protect the cut on her leg and a nice long sleeved dress or cardigan she’ll soon be looking much happier.

I am so pleased with being able to look after this lovely old doll.

At the moment the newbies are getting settled in , along side the four of the Kathe Kruse kids already in the village. I’ll need to look for tights etc for Gudrun before I forget and she feels unloved!


4 thoughts on “DOLLS ARRIVING..

  1. Jenni L

    They are all delightful, Dee. Can you believe that I’ve never seen a UK close up, only in photos? Perhaps I should keep it that way…. You know what I am like, one would lead to at least a dozen!
    I love the name Gudrun. What are the others ccalled?


    1. They are a dangerous doll to fall in love with… πŸ™‚ Best to admire from afar ! πŸ™‚
      Gudrun receieved her name from her previously owner, being named after her mother who had a KK as a child and carried it everywhere with her. So I kept the name in honour of the doll lover who came before me.
      The other two do not yet have names, I’ve yet to decide if they are staying long term… !


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