I decided that Gudrun needed a new dress , a little longer in length and also with long sleeves.

I spotted a dress on Ruth Hartley’s site for a Studio Sasha but I wanted a long one, so asked the length, when she replied she stated that she could shorten it if needed. However it was too short to start with, when I said I needed it longer by about at least an inch or two, she asked what doll it was for.

I sent Gudrun’s photo and explained that I want one with long sleeves really , to help hide her stained arms from her long life of love.

Ruth then very kindly offered to make me one. We settled on a fabric and style and it arrived today.

It is just perfect! Now I need to find her some thin tights or longer socks and maybe a pair of shoes?

But for now she is nice and warm with her longer dress, with the long sleeves.


4 thoughts on “GUDRUN’S NEW DRESS

  1. Aw, I feel quite tearful – maybe it’s because I’m not feeling too well, but it feels more like nostalgia by the bucket load.
    Give her white tights and black patent leather mary janes and Gudrun’s outfit is exactly the one my daughter wore on Christmas day in 1984 when she was six. MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS little Gudrun!
    OS – Dee, how tall IS Gudrun?


    1. Being unwell can make one teary eyed. I hope you feel better soon. I did buy a pair of pink and a pair of white tights for her but I think both will turn out to be too small with her wide hips! So may need to play musical dolls with tights later to find her some that will fit.
      I think I have a pair of red leather KK shoes somewhere but no black patent I’m afraid.

      She’s been packed away until after we finish decorating but I thinks she’s about 19 inches tall.


  2. Dorothy in PA

    Gudrun looks very happy in her new dress. I love to have dresses made for my dolls. I never have dresses made for myself. Hmmmm, I wonder why (laugh).


    1. It’s lovely having her dress made so it fits her perfectly.
      I have only had one dress made for me and that was my wedding dress and if
      I’d been collecting dolls at that time I’d probably not be able to afford it! lol


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