I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of two large old Kathe Kruse dolls in the post. They have taken a month to finally arrive after sitting at various places along their route here.

First up is the boy who I believe to be wearing his orginial clothing. His shoes are very fragile, so I will be putting them away safely once I find him another pair.

He is a little bit battered but then he’s been around awhile! he does have a price tag saying 1929 but I don’t believe that to be correct, of course I would love it to be true but do doubt it.

The name that keeps springing to mind for him is William! also Peter, so I will leave it a day or so to see which one wins or if another comes to mind.

I will give his clothes a wash and look to getting him some others.

He is 20 inches tall , lovely and big. I do refer the larger dolls.

He arrived along with his sister

She is also 20 inches tall but I don’t believe these clothes are orginial to her but are old.

She didn’t have any shoes or socks unlike her brother, so that along with some new clothing is something I need to search out.

She’s had a harder life than her brother but as a lovely what looks to be real hair wig.

She also as a stitched line along her neck.

and the number 2823 on the line of her fabric under her wig.

I think someone may have repainted her eyebrows at some stage.

So two lovely 20 inche Kathe kruse dolls join my Kathe Kruse family.

Now they just need some tlc and some names.



  1. Dorothy in PA

    I am enjoying seeing photos of the siblings. I don’t know much about these dolls so thanks for this information.

    She looks like a Millicent and he looks like a Willie. I don’t think those are names that would have been given in the early 1900s but anyhow, that’s what they look like to me.

    I always name my dolls. I have friends who never do.

    Congratulations on having the siblings arrive safely home.


    1. They have been around for years and are made in Germany. Alas not all sellers in Germany will send to other countries, so some of the best ones you cannot get hold of.

      I’ve been told they are both probably from the 1940’s, I do like the name Millicent but decided they needed names that would give a nod to their roots.
      I too always name my dolls, if I cannot think of a name for them they usually don’t land up staying long!
      So the girl is Greta and the boy Max.
      I’m already trying to sort out their new clothes!


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